Piece above another - stack or level trait

Hi, I am struggling with pieces that should be placed on top of others, but when a lower piece is selected it comes on top, and hides everything else.

Any trait can be used for that ? Layer is just for multiple images for the same piece, and does not allow for interaction between pieces.

The environment is : a modular board, made of a potential 3 additional boards to add to the main one.
But the additional boards are in fact pieces, I let the user decide how to organize.
These pieces then can’t be moved by the players.
Unfortunately when I place a use meeple on these, it’s ok until I click on the below piece.
This piece always comes on top, even if it does not stack, and can’t be selected ! So it hides my meeples :frowning:

What’s your suggestion ?

Game Piece Layers.

Not to be confused with Layers, the piece-level trait. Game Piece Layers are a map-level feature.

GREAT !!! This is exactly what I needed.
I never thought it would be mentioned in the Map Window … I was looking everywhere else !
Thanks a lot !