Piece Loses Place Marker Definition After Folder Organizing

I’m using Vassal 3.6.5

One of the best features I’ve seen appear in the editor is the ability to organize things into folders. In my To Be King module, I have roughly 2000 pieces that each have a description piece that a player can retrieve by right-clicking the piece and selecting “Info”. This activates a Place Marker that gets that description piece.

Being as I have this list of 2000 descriptions pieces, I’ve been organizing them into folders for creatures, collectibles, terrain descriptions, etc. After doing this, I have found that once I move a description piece into a folder, it is no longer attached to the piece that needs to retrieve it. When I use the “Info” option, it shows me the first description piece that has not yet been moved into a folder. Pieces that have descriptions that have not been moved into folders are fine.

I’ve also found that, if I move a description out of a folder and place back in the unorganized list, it will re-attach itself to the piece requesting it and it displays fine.

So, it appears that pieces that have a Place Marker defined by another piece loses that definition if the defining piece is moved into a folder.

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Does this happen in 3.6.6?

Yes, it does.

I downloaded 3.6.6. Loaded the module and saved it. I then opened it and check the description for a piece and it’s not correct.

I opened it again in the editor, moved the description out of the folder into the mine tree and saved it. This time when I asked for the Info, I got the right piece.

I went into the editor, moved the description back into the folder, saved it, ran it and the description doesn’t show up. So, moving it into a folder appears to disconnect it from the piece definition on a Place Marker trait.

It looks like if you’re using the “Select” button in the Place Marker dialog to select another marker from somewhere, then that presently doesn’t support the marker being later moved, including into a folder.

(I guess that is just a resummarization of what you just told us)

One thing that definitely would work is if instead of using the “Select” button to define your Place Marker markers, you instead used the “Define” button and then had the piece defined e.g. via a Prototype. I realize that would probably take a lot of reworking.

We’re looking at the code that does the “Select” button to see if there’s a way to make it understand folders. That particular piece of code is pretty hoary and ancient.

I deleted a post. If you can still access it, just ignore it. I got myself completely backwards when I wrote that.

Ok, Yes, I used the Select option to tie the descriptions to the pieces. So, I guess my best option would be to simply move everything back out of the folders into the main tree. The pieces regain the attachment when I do that so I think that’s my best option.

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Alternatively you could put them (or leave them) in the folders the way you want them, and then use “Select” to find them in their new locations. Then the new locations in the folders would work.

I know I could do that but browsing through the module for each piece to find the specific description piece to attach for hundreds of pieces is far more time consuming than just moving the description pieces from the folders into the main list.

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Fair enough. Note that if this ever came up in some future module/situation, that if you had your pieces in the folders first and then did the Select-button stuff, then everything would work–since what is happening is an “absolute path” to the item’s current location is being stored.

But I do recommend using prototypes for that sort of thing rather than the “Select” button – nothing you could have been aware of, but prototypes are much better maintained and would function better for you.

I will admit that I wasn’t even aware that the “Select” button method even existed until your question!

Interesting. Up to now, I’ve used Select in preference to Define. I do use Prototypes but it seemed more obvious to define the piece separately (and sometimes, Place Marker is placing a piece that exists in a Palette so that it can also be placed directly by a user).

As long as you don’t move around where it is in the palette, it will work fine. If you move it around to a different tab or panel or whatever of the palette the link will break.

Essentially it is creating an “absolute path” to the piece. Sort of like if you had a bunch of files in “exactly/this/path/on/your/drive” and then you made a folder called “exactly/this/path/on/your/drive/subfolder” and you moved some of the files into the subfolder, but you had an absolute path in a script or app or whatever still looking for “exactly/this/path/on/your/drive/myspecificfile.txt” – wouldn’t find it any more.