pieceName/previousLocation not working in Send Report.

Not sure if a bug, feature, or just me, but I can’t get the $pieceName$ and $previousLocation$ to show in the Send Report trait.

Report action
$PlayerSide$ player moved $pieceName$ from $previousLocation$ to Eliminated Units*
“Fellowship player moved from to Eliminated Units”

Whereas the Main Map movement Report:
$PlayerSide$ player moved $pieceName$ from $previousLocation$ to $location$ *
“Fellowship player moved Dwarves 2 from W0814 to W1013”

A) What version of VASSAL are you using?
B) Are you firing a Delete command off of the same trigger as the Report Action trait? If so, the values may have been deleted before the report fired (this was supposedly corrected in a recent version of VASSAL, but I haven’t tested that myself).

I just downloaded 3.5.8 the other day.
There is a delete command, but it acts the same on other “Send to” commands on the same piece (that send pieces to other locations on the map).
I did have partial success by changing “pieceName” to “newPieceName”, but the PreviousLocation report still doesn’t work.

Try “oldLocation” instead. Unfortunately, VASSAL is not consistent in the names it gives to “automatic” values such as this in different places. The documentation is your friend (I just looked that up in the “designerguide.pdf” that’s included in every download of VASSAL).
For that matter, clicking the built-in Help button for the Report Action trait would have given you that information, too.

I was able to get it to work with a combination of $oldLocation$, and moving the report Action down the trait tree to before the delete.
I had gotten in the habit of using the wiki as a reference, hard to tell sometimes what has been updated and what hasn’t.

The wiki is badly outdated compared to the built-in help and the documentation included in the downloads.