pieces keep selected?

I don’t know if this is a bug or just coincidence.

In the past weeks I often see how different people suffer a problem I hadn’t noticed before:

When they want to move (or flip or whatever) one piece (counter, marker, card…) they do it with several other that are selected too. No one admits he had them selected, and in some circunstances it would be very difficult to do it on purpose.

Lately I am seeing a particular case repeated over and over: player right click on a card on his hand and selects “play card CTRL-P” (AFAIK they could be using the hotkey but I don’t think they do). The card is sent to a place beside the map, next they select a counter and right click to “Flip CTRL-F” and restore a previously lost step. The card is flipped to.

This hasn’t happened to me, so I can’t be sure if they are just clumsy or there is something going on.

But I have seen this with 4 or 5 different people. I have been playing with these guys for years. They are used to vassal and I had never seen this before.

Does this make any sense? Am I just making a rule out of anechdotical cases? are we just growing older?

The first question is, what VASSAL version(s) is everyone using? Did these problems start occuring after upgrading to a new version?

We always use the latest published version. I don’t know when I first saw this. Probably the first few times I didn’t even register the fact. But last weeks I’m paying attention and see it constantly. So I would say, 3.4.0 maybe?

If you can catch it happening in a way that produces a specific series of “repro steps” that you can describe to us to reliably recreate the problem, then that would be immensely helpful – so keep your eye out!