place a card in player's discard deck

Game has two sides, axis and allies, each with their own draw deck and discard deck on the main map. I’d like to use the right click or ctrl-r to put cards into the discard deck for the appropriate player. So if the allied player selects a card and presses ctrl-r, it’ll go to the allied discard deck.

Right now either the card can go automatically to a single discard deck, or the card produces a lengthy drop-down menu showing all the decks (I’m using other decks, not on the main board for other things) to choose from. Since the players will ONLY send their cards to their own discard deck, it would be nice to automate that.


The easiest way to explain everything you need to do is in this vassal module: … n_1_1.vmod

Check under Chit Cup for the functions you need (Chits are essentially Cards) and also Prototype Chit and Prototype USA and CSA. For putting specific player’s cards in their own discard card pile, you would use Markers (One for the Axis, one for the Allies); in my module it was CSA and USA.

I hope this helps.

Great, thanks much!