Place Marker Facing

I’m creating a module for a game where the facing of the units is important and am having trouble getting markers to adopt the same facing when I use the Place Marker trait. Things are complicated by the hexgrid running horizontally and the counters needing to face a hexside but I have solved this with the help of a previous thread here.
The problem that I have is when the unit has been rotated previously, i.e. before the marker is placed. In this case, the marker appears completely unrotated and thereafter remains both at a different rotation to the unit and 30 degrees adrift.
Thanks in advance for any advice that you can offer.

I don’t know if pieces can be made to “snap to” the rotation angle of a stack they’re placed upon…

But having said that, I can’t understand what the problem is. What I normally do for any piece whose facing doesn’t agree with its destination… is to rotate it either in the marker window you’re dragging it from to create it, or to drop it in the area, rotate it to the desired angle, and then drag onto or under the destination stack.

You may also need to make sure your rotation command has 12 “detentes” instead of the 6 that the rotate command normally assumes. Check the Properties dialog of the Rotate trait. This is a trait that is best lodged into Prototypes, so you don’t have to edit each individual piece by adding it.

Thanks for your response. By using the Place Marker trait the marker is placed automatically on the unit via the right click menu without needing to access the marker window. There is also an option in the PM trait to match rotation, which didn’t seem to be working as it should.

However, having tidied up the mechanism for rotating the counters and that for the initial map placement (requiring a 1-point rotation), the problem seems to have resolved itself.

I was also having problems re-setting the units to a horizontal alignment when sending them to the display cards, but got round this by creating a dynamic property trait to count the CW and CCW rotation increments (the in-built facing property was either giving peculiar results or not reporting).

There are a number of confusing physical pecadillos with the system, I’ve found… some things you just have to practice and get used to.

For example, I’m just now starting a Kingmaker PBeM game and, when I first got the module, I had a devil of a time trying to organize my cards in the order I wanted. But then, I was totally new to VASSAL. Now, with a few months in between, and some more experience playing and designing modules, I return to start this game and it’s all much easier and more intuitive, although it certainly wasn’t “instantly” intuitive… I have some ideas already to improve upon this module… :slight_smile: