Place Marker Removes Original Piece

I want to Replace a piece with its “replacement piece” and send the original to a deadpile.

So I’m using the Place Marker as a trait of Piece #1 with a Key Command After Placement=LeaderLossDrouot trait to start the process rolling.

I wasn’t sure which trait is best to use next? GKC? Trigger? Can’t get either to work. Marker gets placed but the original piece remains underneath.

At the moment the Place Marker - “LeaderLossDrouot” key command —> a Trigger command [Ctrl-Shft_T / LeaderLossDrouot / SendtoDeadPile] above a -----> Send to Location… command with the Key Command “SendtoDeadPile.” I can activate the “Send to…” trait with a menu command so I know that works & the Place Marker trait produces the replacement piece above the original. I tried following an earlier post without any luck.

My trait order =
Send to Location
Place Marker
Thx Cavan

Anything you put in “Key Command to apply after placement” will be resolved on the newly-placed piece, not the original.

I think you’ll want your process to be initiated by a Trigger Action on the piece being replaced. It will in turn do the following actions by a sequence of keystrokes:

  1. Place Marker trait (this brings in the replacement)
  2. Send to Location (since this executes on the original piece, it now moves to your dead pile)

Yup. That did it. Missed that bit of info in the Designer Guide. Thank you. cc