Placing a Marker Trait

How do you place a marker trait?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

A Marker trait is something you put on a piece to identify it in some way. For example, a piece may have a marker trait that says something like: MilitaryType = Tank

Placing a piece somewhere would usually use a “Send to Location” trait.

There is also a “Place Marker” trait (not to be confused with a “Marker” trait) that allows players to use a key command to place a marker (which could be another game piece) on top of the piece being used to issue the command.

You may try looking up more information on the above in the Module Designer’s Guide … rguide.pdf

Otherwise, let us know specifically what you’re trying to do.

I have a deck of cards consisting of Infantry, Artillery and Vehicles and I would like to somehow send all the Artillery cards to a certain location without having to select each one individually (which is what I am doing now).

Yeah, so you can do that with a Marker, as DrNostomo detailed, or even with BasicName (if they all have the exact same name, like Artillery Card), etc.

For a Marker, just add your trait into each Artillery card or that card’s prototype. Say Property name: Artillery; Property value: true. Then use that matching property (Artillery = true) when sending your cards via a Global Key Command (which can be applied to the deck itself, or the toolbar, or even other pieces).

The GKC would then trigger a Send to Location or Return to Deck (if you wanted them all sent to a new deck) etc that is also added to each card (or their prototype).

Hope I explained that correctly.