Placing cards/chits with a right-click command?

Hi and thanks for looking. I’ve been trying to work this one out on my own for a few hours with no luck. It’s getting frustrating so I thought I’d drop by and ask the experts …

I have a deck of 50 green cubes on a basic game board. There is a card counter (ie: “XX Cubes Remaining”) above the deck, so players know how many cubes are left. The cubes have the “return to deck” trait so they can be easily cleared from the board. The cubes also have a “Marker - card=action” trait to facilitate the text counter on the board.

In the game, these cubes are placed in various locations around the board - where they sit around for a while and are eventually discarded back into the deck. Unfortuataley, the only way I know how to move the cubes from the deck to the board is by clicking and dragging them.

I’d like to be able to use a right-click command to place one of these cubes from the deck onto the board, or in a specific zone on the board.

I’ve figured out how to place markers on the board using a right-click command. But these are just generic markers that look like my green cubes, and are not actually coming from the green cube deck.

The problem is that I need these cubes to be coming from the cube deck so the “cubes remaining” counter remains accurate. But I want to be able to do this with a right-click command.

Any ideas? Thanks!


The way to do this is to use a Global Key Command (GKC) to send a command to the counters in the Deck. You could use a toolbar GKC, or one attached to a counter as a trait. GKC’s have an option to affect a specified number of pieces in a Deck. One of the properties on the GKC would be ‘currentDeck=greenCubes’.

The commands you send to the cubes in the Deck would activate Send To Location (STL) traits. STL’s have some new options to send the piece to a named Zone or region on a map, or to ‘home’ in on another counter with specific properties. The target of the ‘home’ can be an invisible does not stack piece marking a specifi location.


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