Player name change

Sigh! Another silly question because the keywords are too common… so I can’t do an effective search. Was looking at the players playing one of my favourite games… and found that I was already playing it! Actually not… obviously someone was using the same player name that I have used in all my modules (just my first name… and it has never been an issue before). I would like to switch my player name in my modules… but can’t figure out how to do it… except by deleting the modules… and perhaps uninstalling Vassal? Is there an easier way? Thanks, Derek

Load up the module, select Preferences and go to the Personal tab, Change your Name.
DO NOT change your password.[/size]



Thanks for your rapid response… I don’t know why… but I have this strange notion that I shouldn’t change my password… can’t imagine why that just popped into my head :wink:

Best wishes, Derek