player retired, new player loaded, now he cant see his hand?

We had a player retire. New player loaded recent log and started play, seeing his hand (Here I Stand 500). Yet in subsequent logs he cant see his hand? Whats going on?

You have at least one player in the game who is passing around logs in which the new player’s side is still locked by the old player’s personal module password, probably.

I.e., someone probably forgot to load a file and/or play one back fully to its conclusion that would have captured the password change for the player side in question.

In my experience, the shortest and most direct procedure to successfully swap out a player in a multi-player game like this and avoid password/locked-out-of-my-side issues:

  1. Abandoning player records one final log in which he changes to observer mode BEFORE saving the log.
  2. Joining player loads this log, plays it back to conclusion, joins the now freed-up player side, THEN saves his log.
  3. Next player in sequence logs log from step 2, plays back to conclusion, takes their move.

Game proceeds from there.