Player Side Choices

Looking for a way to limit the choices when a player wants to change sides.

I’ve got a module where there are private windows and I obviously use Player Sides to limit who can see which window. No problem there. But what if someone wants to solo the game and be able to see both windows. Again no problem, just set up Solo as one of the choices for player sides.

Let’s say I have 4 player side choices, , Axis, Allies, Solo and 2 private windows, one for Axis and one for Allies

can not see either neither private window
Axis can only see Axis window
Allies can only see Allies window
Solo can see both windows.

What I want to do is not allow a player to switch to Solo if either the Axis or Allies is taken by another player. Seems like there must be some property in a vsav or vlog file that shows if one of those sides is taken since if you’re currently say the Axis and you want click to change sides only the currently non-taken sides are available to choose from. If this property was available it might be possible to use a GKC to change side and not allow the Solo side to be chosen if either Axis or Allied side is already chosen.

Is there such a property?

No, there are currently no features to support this. Of the many goals for re-envisioning how player sides work, I expect one will be the ability to enable/disable certain defined player sides at the launch of a game.

A kludge you can do for the time being is to create an additional predefined setup in which you secure the Solo player side with a password unlikely to ever be guessed by other users, so it simply disappears from the choices when players launch that setup.

Thanks, Joel. That should work. I’ll have two versions of each setup in the module. One for Solo play which will actually allow choice any of the 4 player sides. The other version, which will be the main one, I’ll open, change to Solo player with bogus password and then save it to the module.

Shame to have to do this because some players don’t trust their opponent.