Player Side lost from some pre-set scenarios

I have been working on a module that has several Player Sides including one called “Solitaire”.

Suddenly I have found that the Solitaire side has disappeared from 2 or 3 of the pre-set scenarios that are associated with the module. One of these was a new scenario that was created using an earlier version of the module, another was one from an Extension to the module (I unzipped the extension to get at the saved file) and finally one of the affected saved scenarios had always been part of the module and suddenly it too lost the Solitaire role.

I should add that in all cases I have been using Refresh Counters to update the saved game files and also that the Solitaire role exists in the “extension” module. Also that other saved files still have the Solitaire role.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on?

Are you certain that you were not occupying the Solitaire player side at the moment the saves were created?

Yes and I can demonstrate that by opening up one of those saves. It joins me as “observer” and offers the various player roles to join as; Solitaire excluded.


Since it offers you the other sides, and Solitaire is in the module, that means it thinks someone is occupying the Solitaire side. Vassal defines “someone” as “someone with a particular password” so it could be a different-someone including “a different version of you with a different id”.

The paths forward would normally be…

  • See if JoelCFC25 can fix the save file for you using his “lost password method”.
  • Recreate a new version of the save file

I guess it’s conceivable that the refresher actually “grabs a side” in scenarios if you run it “as anybody but observer”? That would be something for Claudio or Brent to look into. Though I would have expected it would grab the side “as you” in that case, since you were the one running the refresher?


Thanks, Brian. After seeing a few of these, I think it is possible that one case was an anomaly, likely my mis-step and that was quickly fixed. The others are from the same author, so I strongly suspect the normal case is in play here … he has used Solitaire but not exited from it before issuing the files. Having spoken to him, I don’t think he can fix it. So, I will see if JoelCFC25 can help.