Player side, name, and id

I see that playerID is usually set to playerName at the start of scenerio. I am trying to decide what is the best way to get meaningful names into the action messages.

My problem with B5CCG is there are never really fixed sides, and recently I’ve added features that require a playing area to be tied to playerSide. So I’m considering making the Players, player 1, player 2, etc. playerSide would be tied to a board and private hand. If I were to have each player have the ability to set their playerId, this property could be set to something meaningful (B5 Centauri, Home Faction Centauri, Corporate Centauri, B5 Human, Psi Human, etc.) and I will then use playerId in the messages. Will I run into trouble using playerId, assuming there is a way to set this value?