Player sides bug

Me and two friends are trying to play on VASSAL using an edited module (Middle Earth Quest). The problem is that whenever one of the players sends us the log file, all player sides become available again. I thought that Vassal requires a password in order to get access to a player side that was already taken, but somehow I can join the game as any side except the one taken by the player who has sent us the log files.

For example: I join the game as PlayerSide1, player2 joins the game as PlayerSide2, player3 joins the game as PlayerSide3 but then me and player2 can join the game as any side

It does.

After reading your post and thinking about it, the only thing I can think of that is happening is that the player that is sending you the log file is in fact sending you a recreated saved game file with their moves only, making it in essence, a log file which they generated separately from a brand new game you were not part of after viewing the last log file. This would cause all the player sides except their own to become available again.

This would raise 2 concerns. Either

  1. the player does not know how to operate log files properly, or
  2. I’d watch very closely any dice rolls and combat results if the player won’t correct their log file use. You might want to ask politely and just go over the procedure for them before becoming wary first though