Please add or allow comment fields throughout

It sure would be nice if there was a way to embed comments in various places in a module.

I looked through the feature requests but did not find this request being made previously.

For Global Properties: a field to state the purpose of the property, what the property represents
For Global Key Commands: a field to state the intended use of the command
For Trigger Action traits: a field to state what actions should be triggered and when

I’m not yet familiar enough with VASSAL to list all the places it would be good to have comments in.

In my early days of programming (coding) I used FORTRAN IV, and I typically started by making comment statements that told what I intended the program to do. I made comments to explain the input, desired output, and intermediate variables. I made comments about all the operations on these variables. I then wrote the code to do all the stuff mentioned in my comments. Having the comments mixed in with the code helped me stay focused, and allowed me to easily do the programming in pieces. It also helped with debugging.

Right now I’m working on a new module and trying to figure out how to have it accomplish various tasks by examining other example modules. Parsing someone else’s module without comments is not easy for someone not familiar with VASSAL module design.

Thanks for your consideration.

For MOST of these types of situations, you can do this with the “Description” field of the property/trait, etc. There are a few types of traits which irritatingly don’t have a description field (such as “Dynamic Property” and “Delete”), but most do.

Of course if you’re looking through someone else’s module looking for hints and stuff, then if they haven’t put any descriptions then knowing this won’t help!

I do definitely agree that it would be best if every Trait had a description/comment field. Not to mention being able to make ones own “folders” of items inside modules to make them more self-organizing.