PME's puzzles.. escaping, regexp and grouping?


I have still to understand how PME really work in Vassal. Say that I have the following in the matching properties of a global key command:

EXAMPLE 1: CurrentBoard = The First Board && CurrentZone = Area 1
That works but it beats me why it is happy despite The First Board not being enclosed in single (or double quotes), say. Same for Area 1. What’s the rule here? Any prepended spaces or appended spaces (between the = sign and before the first letter/number/ascii… then after the last letter/number and before the next logical operator) are not read?

EXAMPLE 2: CurrentBoard = The First Board && CurrentZone ~= Area 1
That doesn’t work, why?

EXAMPLE 3: CurrentBoard = The First Board && CurrentZone ~= Area 1|Area 2|Area 3
EXAMPLE 4: CurrentBoard = The First Board && CurrentZone ~= Area 1|2|3
As expected, see example 2, neither of those work at all.

EXAMPLE 5: CurrentBoard = The First Board && (CurrentZone = Area 1 || CurrentZone = Area 2 || CurrentZone = Area 3)
No good either (no bracket grouping in PME’s , I guess).

Are these bugs in PME’s implementation (Vassal 3.0.17) or known limitations? Do I need to setup 3 cloned global key commands just to change checking for Area 1 to Area2 and then to Area 3?

Thanks for any help.

Bracketing does not work in PME’s (I would not know why - its just that way :slight_smile: )

Regular expression match (~= or ~!=) only works by itself without other conditions attached I’ve found
i.e Board ~= 1|2|3 && blah = blah will not work but Board ~= 1|2|3 by itself will work

Brent ot Joel would be better to answer this in how Vassal thinks

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