Position a Card in a Deck

I am currently working on my first game, and all is going very well so far.
The only issue that keeps it from being playable is that there are scoring cards that need to be placed in the deck at approximate points.

The rules actually say “split the cards into five stacks, the first scoring card goes in the second stack, the second scoring card goes in the fourth stack, then you restack the cards without shuffling again”

Is something like this possible? Is there a way to place a card in an exact position in a deck? Is there a way to put a card in a random position between say cards 10 and 20?

My other thought was that I could start the game with 5 card stacks, have the score cards in the appropriate decks, then manually restack the decks. Could this be automated?

I’m new to this and so far everything makes sense, but I couldn’t find any options for card stacking. Thanks for any assistance.

The only way to fix the order of cards in a deck once the game starts is to place them into the deck in the desired order. You could accomplish this with a sequence of ReturnToDeck actions, executed in order using a Multi-Action Button.


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It doesn’t have to be done after the game starts, it can happen before.

Is it possible for me to create five decks, shuffle each one, then recombine them in order before the game starts? or even after the game starts.

Here is the pseudo solution I came up with.

I made a seperate window called my shuffle window.

The window had 7 stacks. The first stack was all the cards. After the game started I would split the deck into five stacks, put the score cards into the 2nd and 5th deck and then send each deck to a new deck where we would play from. Other than about a minute of setup at the beginning, this works quite well.