possible counter send-to target dependent on init location?

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I have a mod which has 2 main boards, and each board has it’s own force pools associated with it. My problem is that some of the units can migrate from their usual main board to the other, and if they are used there, they need to show up in the force pool for the board they are currently on, not go back to their original force pool. Right now, all units use a send-to trait to send them back to their force pools, but it won’t matter which board they are on, they will always go back to their original force pools. I can explicitly make the player choose the right location by adding another send-to command, but I’d rather have the one command work by knowing which board the unit currently resides on and send it to the corresponding force pool.

Is this possible?

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On Oct 31, 2008, at 10:36 AM, brucesears wrote:

I’m not sure about this, so perhaps we can get confirmation from one
of our experienced module designers, but perhaps something like the
following would work:

What I’m not sure about is whether the Send-To trait can use a
dynamic? property value as the location to be sent to.

If so, you could set up a trigger for when a piece ends up on a given
map that sets the target property value to the proper force pool.

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This is doable by using trigger actions
For each STL give a Trigger action that will send the unit to the specific
map force pool by using your property filters “CurrentMap = xxxx”
Remove all command names from the STL’s and TA’s
Add a Top level Trigger which runs the entire sequence (single command) Its
job is to initate the other triggers if their property conditions are met,
which in turn send the counter to the correct force pool via send to

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