Possible Gladiator PBF

I’ve been working on a project, and was wondering if there would be anyone interested in it… I enjoy hosting and playing in Play By Forum games, and have been trying to find a good way to run the game Gladiator by Avalon Hill. I have finally settled on a good way, now I just need to know if people might be interested…

I’ll be using the 4.1 rules posted on Board Game Geek for the campaign game.

I’ll have 2 others helping me as the “Editors” which will assist me in running the forums, as well as posting turn by turn updates on the matches. The way it will work is one of the “Editors” will be assigned to each match, and players will send them their entire 8 phase plot. When he has both plots he can then update his board, take a picture (or screenshot if he wants to use Vassal) and post it in your particular matching.

I will be asking people if they want to be one of the Editors following the creation of the forum.