Possible to turn Invisible on/off by global command?

I have some hidden information being tracked by a property (one for each side) and being displayed via a text label trait. I have that text label piece hidden at the start (pre-defined setup where I went from side to side, hiding the relevant piece on the relevant side). This way, for the duration of the game, only red can see the hidden piece displaying the Red property in question. Only blue can see blue’s property, etc.

At the end of the game, that hidden information is revealed. Is there a way to run a command which will reveal all of these pieces at the same time? Or would each player need to reveal them on their own because the pieces are ‘owned’ by them?

Yes, exactly. Otherwise either player could use that ‘end of game’ functionality at any time to reveal the other players hidden info.

Well, sure, they could cheat, but they couldn’t do it without getting caught. They could also lean over the table and flip over everyone’s counters in a face to face game, but everybody would kind of notice, so it’s not exactly a high IQ play :stuck_out_tongue:

My plan was to have it be a trigger at the very end of the game (using the turn tracker to trigger it).

Is there a way to pop up a dialog box which (if clicked) would reveal the info? So when I reach the end of the game, the turn track triggers a dialog box to pop up for every player saying something like ‘reveal unrest?’, and if they click OK it triggers the unrest reveal?

I think you’re forgetting about Play-by-email (PBEM)…someone could easily flip other people’s counters over, then not save the log in a PBEM situation. Their opponents would have no way to know they cheated in that situation.