possibly need an opponent

New to VASSAL.

Have many old games, never played any of them. Up to now, pretty much play ASL exclusively.

If VASSAL is compatable with e-mail and log-files (like VASL), then I’m looking for an opponent.

Games I own listed on VASSAL:

Richtofen’s War
Dawn Patrol
3rd Reich
Russian Front
Storm Over Arnhem
The Russian Campaign
Vietnam '65-'75
Wooden Ships and Iron Men

Keep in mind I’m a VASSAL newb, and have never played any of these games except Dawn Patrol (years ago).

And the pace of play would be leisurely

E-mail me jaghut@cox.net

or reply here.



of these games I own Vietnam and wooden ships. Am llike you a totaly beginner when it comes to Vassal, have just downloaded engine and modules. Vietnam does require a lot of interaction I guess, WSIM less I think.

Would like to give either a try though.


I have the first two games and would play a game of Richtofen’s war. I tried Vietnam on Vassal and it was very slow going.

I would like to pick up games with both of you. WSIM with Lars.

Richtofen’s war with Charles.

I will need a day or two to read up on the rules.

I will send you both e-mails,

Thanks for the responses.


Hey I am newbie too, I played 3rd Reich, so if you are want maybe we can play by PBM. cause I am in Europe, maybe a short scenario to learn to play.

By the way, I dont have any problem to study another game, if i can find the rules if you think that there are more interesting games.

I would also like to play 3rd Reich. I have never played the game except solitaire. I am currently going through the rules.