Posting Modules

Does anyone have a clue as to how one goes about posting a module to the VASSAL module page. I can’t seem to find a hint about what to do on that page.

You have to be signed in then the top line above the modules list will give you the option to submit a module.


Charles McLellan wrote:

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On the “New Module” page, I only see space for a Module Name, Notes, a Screen Shot, and an Optional Link to External URL.

Exactly where or how is the module posted? Is there somewhere to upload the module or something?

After you have submitted your new module, it creates a set of pages for the module that you are the administrator of. You get a Home, Files, Players and Contributors page, just like the other modules on the site. On the Files page, you will have access to (as a contributor for your module) an ‘upload file’ option.


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OK, How about the case where there already is a module page file?

I have an ADC2 Bull Run module made by Steve Likevich. I have approval from Steve to post it as a VASSAL module using Michael Kiefte’s coversion beta.

I also have permission from Patrick Martin to post it to the module page. Patrick has been working on a Bull Run module, but hasn’t had the time to clean up the project.

How do I get that module posted?

Patrick is currently the only recorded Contributor to that module, so he is the only one who can post files to the Bull Run Files page. You have 3 options:

  1. Ask Patrick to make you a contributor to the Bull Run pages so that you also have access to upload files. (Best option for you).

  2. Get Patrick to post the module for you. (Good option if it is just a one off upload and you are not going to work on the native Vassal module).

  3. Create a new module page called ‘Bull Run (ADC2 Conversion)’ and post your module there (Less good option).


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