Power Grid PBEM

Hi all,

I discovered that there is a module for Power Grid. Would there be anyone else interested in playing by email?

I haven’t tried this module yet. I’ve played one game on VASSAL several years ago.


Hi all,

I have posted a call for players for this game on BoardGameGeek.com as well as here.

Besides me, I have a player from the VASSAL forums that will play, and two others here on BGG that have indicated some interest. I’m looking for at least 3 total players and would prefer more.

Please let me know if you want to join.

Players so far:
Pawnpusher (VASSAL & BGG)
diechen (VASSAL)


Is still possible to join the game ?
Do you use also discord or another tool to communicate quickly.
I mean for the auctions, it would be very handy.

Thanks for letting me know