Pre-setting Invisible trait

I’m a newbie to using Vassal but have built a small test module and have most of the bits working but …

I tried to pre-set the Invisibile trait to ‘on’ by the method shown in the designer’s guide but that trait is greyed out (as is movement trail but not moved).

The trait is applied as a prototype but I can’t find any note excluding it from being pre-set.

Am I doing something wrong or is it impossible to pre-set invisibility - if so why doesn’t it say to in the designer’s guide.

Tony H

I seem to recall some mention of not being able to preset traits that are defined in prototypes somewhere in the documentation, so I suspect that’s the problem, but I can’t find the reference, now.

In general, you CAN pre-define settings of traits in prototypes, but you CAN’T pre-define different settings for different counters that use those prototypes. All counters using that prototype will have the same setting.

I do want all the pieces with the prototype to have the invisible trait the same (i.e. on).

The method for pre-defining traits in a prototype is described on p68 of the developers guide.

The problem is that the trait name is greyed out on the command menu but the mover trait is not. This implies to me that the method works but doesn’t apply to the invisible trait for some reason. I’m trying to find out what that reason is and if I can do anything about it.

I just ran into the same problem.

Did you find a solution to it?