PreDefined setup piece reuse


I have a module in development and want various pre-defined setups. There 4 different configurations of 14 maps with almost the same 650-750 game pieces in almost the same positions. There several almost the same piece sets. I would like to only place the pieces once and carry over to all of the maps and just modify the few (20-30) changes. There are also several small scenarios using only a map board or two and a sub-set of the pieces totally disconnected with the above camaigns.

The pieces would be placed in stacks near their respective start zones to be finalized by the players when setting up. It does not seem that I want At-Start Stacks (could be wrong) because I also want the bare boards for user made scenarios. Thoughts?


My couple of thoughts…

If you set up your pre-defined setups in save game files, then you could just carry over from one saved file to the next until you have all the variations that you need.That might be easier than creating everything in at-stack stacks.

Or instead, you could use At Stack Stacks for the core, and either create the save games from that or develop some automation that would make adjustments to “new game”, to generate the near-alike scenarios that you have in mind. The key trait being Place Marker.


Some good thoughts. I will look into the automation idea. Could use it elsewhere maybe too. Thx

My main problem would be adding new maps to the Main Map already defined in the save game.

What I have is 6 leftmost maps that are always used. 2 or 3 maps can be added to the right side of these 6. 4 maps can be added to the right hand side of the 3. They cannot be added unless the 3 extra maps are present.

The choices are:

  1. 6 alone,
  2. 6 + 3,
  3. 6 +3 + 4,
  4. 6 + 2.

The players choose at start by the campaign picked from the predefined setup menu and does not change after. Basically choose the beginning, or the beginning plus the middle, or the whole thing. The 4th option is someone’s rewrite of the beginning but uses more 2 more maps. Most of the units set up on the first 6 and are mostly the same

I seem to remember some old post talking about export and import of pieces to save game files. Is there such a thing?