Preference & Turn Counter

I ran into an interesting issue with a module which has multiple counters implemented…

Depending on how I last left one of my counters (note I wasn’t saving), when I came back into Vassal ALL of the ~15 counters were being expanded & docked (see embedded image)… NOT desirable behavior…

I since realized that what is probably happening, is that the File-Preferences-Turn_Counter is saving my last state for a single counter and then applying to ALL counters the next time I launch the module.

I have previously encountered numerous problems/bugs when using multiple counters, to the point I re-implemented all but one of the counters, leaving in a single counter for it’s original purpose - a turn counter.

I would suggest, that it may make sense to fork the counter code into a single purpose “Turn Counter” (i.e., the original purpose) limited to one per module and a more general purpose counter code (probably disallowing dock, permitting stacked counter windows, etc.).