Preferences Tabs

Is it possible to create a new tab in Preferences that would only show when a particular module is running?

Can this be done via the module editor and/or custom code classes?

Global Options (from Module Editor provides this functionality.

Mark is right about Global Options providing preferences w/o need for custom classes – you right click on the [Global Options] and it will let you add a preference.

Meanwhile if you are wanting to add some in a custom class then the basic call is:
Prefs.getGlobalPrefs().addOption(“Your New Tab Name”, yourConfigurer);

Where yourConfigurer is, you know, a BooleanConfigurer or an IntConfigurer or a ColorConfigurer or whatever other configurer you’ve created.

You can follow the pattern in down at the bottom (in its addTo method) where it creates options on its own tab.


Thanks for the replies. As I understood global options, it would let me create new preferences, but not new tabs in the preferences window which is what I want to do. probably misunderstood; won’t be the first time. I will check out both options. Thanks.