Pressing backspace in Turn Counter properties

Pressing backspace in any Turn Counter’s properties window in the Turn label Display Length when Label length is selected suddenly removes the Display length line. Pressing OK then sets the Label length to Variable when you open the properties window again.

I don’t see this happening at all.

Create new turn tracker and change Turn Label Length from Maximum to Fixed.

I Change the Turn Label Display length from -1 to 50

Save the Turn Counter.

Now try to reproduce your problem:

  • I open the turn counter
  • Click in the Turn Label Display Length
  • Press Backspace. The 0 suddenly dissappears leaving 5.
  • Save the turn counter
  • Open the turn counter
  • The Turn Label Display Length shows 5
  • Try that again and press backspace and the 5 suddenly dissapears.
  • Save the turn counter
  • open the turn counter
  • The Turn Label Display Length shows 5 because blank was an invalid value for a numeric field.

Can you reproduce your problem in a newly created Turn Counter?


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OK, follow these steps:

-Create new turn counter.
-Change label length from Maximum to Fixed
-Change label display length from -1 to 50
-Click between the 5 and 0 (or use the arrow key to put the cursor there), and press backspace

You can reproduce this without even having to exit and make a new counter by selecting a different label length (Variable or Maximum) and selecting fixed again. This can also happen when using any number greater than 9, ending in 0. The problem seems to be that if you remove all digits other than 0, the program automatically assumes that the 0 means it’s not valid, and removes the line. Pressing OK after this and opening the properties window again shows that VASSAL has changed the label length to Variable, as 0 is an invalid length.

P.S. This also works if you start at the beginning of the number (i.e., before the 5 in 50) and use press the delete key until only a 0 remains.

That is because internally, label length = 0 meand Fixed length. As soon as you set the label length to 0, the control resets itself to Fixed. It works this way because fixed/variable length stuff was tacked on afterwards and the need to maintain backward compatibility.


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On 17/11/2008 at 4:36 PM Molokai wrote:

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But could you at least make it so that it doesn’t do that in the properties window? It’s quite inconvenient to have it do that when you’re trying to change from 60 to 70 to 80 to 90 to 100, etc.

I would still consider this (that is, removing the input bar altogether) a bug, as entering -1 in Fixed doesn’t do it, nor does -1 make it automatically reset to Maximum when you press OK and reopen the turn counter properties.

Yes, I agree. I have opened bug # 2311318.


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