Private Window

I’m struggling with how to provide each player with a large area on which they can lay out their cards and counters ready to be deployed to the main map. I have been advised to use a Private Window, which I had identified as potentially the right thing to do. I have put the appropriate number of PWs into the module and added a “Map Board”, then a “Board” as children to each PW. Because this is what I have seen in other modules - however, I don’t know whether this is what I should have done and what to do next (Pathetic, I know). I have assumed a rectangular grid should probably come next and I’ve tried to add one that will provide a 4 x 6 grid of squares to take the 24 start counters that each player commences the game with. However, I’m obviously not doing it properly because I don’t see any grid just a single square with extended sides.

Is there anyone that can put me on the right path, please?

Sounds like you need to adjust your grid. Either change the height/width values by hand or use the Edit Grid button to resize the grid in an interactive fashion (refer to the image on the documentation page in the wiki).

I’ve tried that but everything seems to happen right up in the top left corner of the manipulation window - the rest of the window has nothing at all in it and, when I try to adjust the grid using the arrows, it only moves within this top left hand corner. As far as you can tell, have I done the right things leading up to this grid?

…and nothing (no grid) appears in the private window when I run it within a test game.

I tried to upload a screen dump of the relevant sub-windows in the Private Window but it was on a Word docx file and the system doesn’t seem to accept this format. I’ve put up a jpg file which seems to have been accepted - does this help?

…and here’s what I see when I try to edit the grid.

In your first image, you have made your map board 67 pixels square (that’s pretty tiny, I assume you don’t intend this). Then your default grid setup has cells that are 80 pixels square, exceeding the size of your map. This is the most likely explanation for why you don’t see anything when editing the grid.

If you intend to arrange a set of 24 pieces on this window, use the pixel dimensions of those pieces and the layout you have in mind to math out an approximate size for the map window.

I think you’re 100% right. I hadn’t appreciated that the 67 pixels square (the default setting that comes up automatically) defined that aspect of the setup. I think I should be able to resolve this problem now. Can’t be sure about the next step, though :slight_smile:

LATER: Yes, it worked - thanks. I now have to decide how to get the pieces and cards on to the PW. I’ll yell for help when I get stuck.

At-Start Stacks are ideal for this.

Thanks - I had wondered if this was the right thing for the job from what I’ve seen in other modules. I’ll try it now.

That seemed to work too - progress!

I got a test At Start counter into the position I want it on the Private Window. However, when I went to move it on to the main game board, it wouldn’t move at all. I’m wondering whether I’ve missed some vital trait off the Game Piece Prototype Definition for this type of counter, or maybe the specific traits for this particular counter.

Are there any traits I must include that maybe I haven’t?

The two most likely culprits are the Does Not Stack trait (crucially with a setting of Select: Never or by some special keystroke, or Move: Never), along with the Restricted Access trait, which will block all ability to interact with a piece if you don’t occupy one of the player sides listed in that trait. If this latter trait is in use, check what sides you listed against what player side you chose to occupy when doing your test.

If it’s neither of those, I’d probably have to look at the module file itself rather than speculate.

I don’t think it’s either of those things but, to make life easier, I’ll let you have the module file. The project I am working on is commercially sensitive and I think I should reveal that I am amending an existing module and that I haven’t yet deleted all the stuff that is not required from the original module. If I upload the file to this forum, will it be visible to others and, if so, is there another way of letting you have it?

You’re unlikely to be able to upload it directly here. Use cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar). The forum has a private message function–look off to the right of every post, there’s a PM button below everyone’s username.

After a lot of searching, I discovered a spelling mistake in a Restricted Access trait for the PW! All now seems to be well.

This is all resolved now, thanks to everyone who helped. I particularly want to acknowledge the Batch Image Manipulation add-on to GIMP - to which somebody pointed me - it’s brilliant!