Problem downloading modules on Mac

I’m having trouble downloading some VASSAL modules. I have a Mac Powerbook running the latest version of OSX. Although it works with some modules, whenever I download a zipped file, the unzipped folder (which is unzipped automatically by the system) often doesn’t contain an identifiable .mod file, but - usually - several UNIX executable files that I don’t know what to do with.
Any help appreciated!

Some modules are, unfortunately, named with a “.zip” extension. So instead of unzipping, try directly opening the zip file with VASSAL.

Is it possible to stop the system from automatically unzipping the files?

I’m sure there is, though I need to find out how. Thanks for the tip…

pleigh20 wrote:

In Safari, select Preferences, General, and untick ‘Open “safe” files
after downloading’.


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In addition to Tim Franklin’s global suggestion, I think that if you
right-click (Control-click) on the link and choose to download the
file, it won’t automatically run the unzipping. That is a less
global approach.

It is also a good idea to try to download them to an empty
directory. The latest Safari browser has finally added a pop-up menu
selection to allow you to choose a download location, instead of
always going to the default. That helps with the next item.

For those modules that have been unzipped for you, you can always zip
them back up. This can be done from the OSX Finder by choosing the
pop-up menu option “Create Archive of “…”” (Tiger, 10.4) or
“Compress “…”” (Leopard, 10.5). Neither of these actually tells
you that it will create a zip archive, but that is what it does. It
is then a good idea to rename the extension to be “.mod”, which will
prompt an alert asking if you really mean it. You do. ;)

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Thanks for all the help, guys!