Problem with a Global Property

in my module have set a Global Property called “P1_lifepoints”, it’s Numeric and have a starting value of 50, minimum value = -100 and max value = 1.000.

During the game player can lose or gain lifepoints so the value of the P1_lifepoints variable can go over 50 but it don’t happen in my module.
In example if P1_lifepoints is 48 and player gain 5 life points the P1_lifepoints variable goes up to 50 and not 53 :frowning:

Any help??? Thanks !!!

I made a little error in my last post:
Initial value is 100 not 50, minimum -100 and maximum 900.

I tried with a starting value of 0 (zero) but same result, it don’t go over 100.

To check the value I’ve an At Start Stack on the gamefield with a Text Label showing the property → $P1_lifepoints$.

I’ve a Toolbar button that add 20 to P1_lifepoints and it’s still the same (I also tryed with a new GP with different name and maximun value = 200…still it dont go over 100) :imp:

Any help???

Problem solved :slight_smile:

I had a set global property on my cards with max value = 100 :blush: