Problem with Draw Specific Card from deck

Hello, i’ve this little problem, one of my deck have “Allow multiple cards to be drawn” and “Allow specific cards to be drawn” checked, list cards using $BasicName$ and sort card by “alpha”…but when I want to draw a specific card it always show me the cards sorted by theyr position in the deck (the first card in the list is the first card in the deck) and not sorted alphabetically.

What can be wrong??
Thnaks for any help :slight_smile:

The “when selecting, sort cards by” option sorts the items in the deck in the order that they’re in the deck by default. To change it, you need to sort it by a property that each item possesses.

For example, if you wanted to sort a standard playing card deck alpha/numerically, you would have to give a property to each card that ranked them in the correct order, let’s call it Rank. Since “Ace of Clubs” is alphabetically before “Ace of Diamonds,” you would give the Ace of Clubs the Rank property of “001” and the Ace of Diamonds Rank 002. You’d have to go through each card in the deck and assign it a unique rank. Once done, you can enter “Rank” into the “sort by” box, and it will sort the cards in that deck by that property.

CAVEAT: I’ve never made use of this feature, that’s simply my understanding from reading the documentation.

I think what your problem is, is that “alpha” is not a valid option. The “When selecting, sort cards by” field should actually be a variable. So, if you want to sort by the $BasicName$ it should say $BasicName$

If the deck is set to list cards numerically, clearly a user can right-click and select the top card. Is there a way to have a global key command draw the lowest card off the top of the deck?