problem with drawing multiple cards from Deck to Player Hand

Hi guys/gals.

I started a module a while ago for my own card game, so I’m a bit rusty on how it all works. I have a problem when using a Global Key Command to draw cards from a Deck to a Player Hand. It works for Player 1, but not for the other 3 Players (They have the same setup, with the values changed for each player).

So, I made all the values for each Player:

Each player has a Player Hand with the name ‘Player X Challenges’ where X is the player number, with a Board in it of the same name (with a Zone of the same name also)

I have a Deck named ‘Challenge Deck’ in a Map Window called ‘Draw Decks’. Each card in it has a prototype of the Definition ‘Challenge’.

The Challenge definition has ‘Send to location’ - ‘Player X Challenges’, an X/Y position and a Keyboard Command:

Then I have a ‘Trigger Action’ set up like this for each player (with different Key commands for each):

In the ‘Player X Challenges’ Player Hands, I made a Toolbar Menu, with ‘Draw 3/4/5/6 Challenges’ (as 4 seperate Menu Entries). I then made a Global Key Commands for each entry, and gave them the appropriate key command:

In game, this works for Player 1. Player 2, 3 and 4 can activate ‘Draw 3 Challenges’ but not the others. The Report format works (for example “Player 4 has drawn 6 Challenges” but the key command does not seem to be firing). I have a Game Piece Inventory Window to show player hands, so I know that no cards have been drawn.

Here is a link to the Module: … ovast.vmod

I have Player Events and Player Challenges as 2 hands of essentially the same type. I have no trouble with Event hands, even though they are set up the same as the Challenges.

I made the original module a while ago, so am I missing something? I copied the ‘Player 1 Challenges’ Player Hand and renamed all the values for player 2, 3 and 4. Is this a problem?

Thanks guys, this is really proving to be a problem, and is probably me just missing something obvious!


After a lot of tinkering I managed to find a solution, by making all the global key commands (such as ‘Draw 4 Challenges’) have the key command of the Send to Location (e.g. CTRL SHIFT 5) rather than the trigger actions.

Can a Mod close this thread please? Thanks!