Problem with non programmed tie breakers

So, I have a module that is played via a best of three format. I’m trying to build a visual marker that keeps track of # wins.

Problem is described after: ***

Both players score X amount of points during a game and if one player has at least one more point, than the other player, atthe end of the game that player wins. Sometimes though, both players might end up with the same amount of points which is technically a draw but there’s a few tibreakers that I haven’t coded into the game.

So what I have built is two counters that keep track of the scores, one for p1 and one for p2.

Once a game is over, the players resets via CTRL + H so game 2 can begin.

I’ve also built two dynamic properties that keep track of the score of p1 and p2 that advances a layer on one players “WINTRACKER” if one player has more points while CTRL + H is sent.

Here you can see a visual feedback of the “WINTRACKERS”'s layers (Player 1 has won one game):

Now to my problem: If the points are equal while pressing CTRL H I need the players to manually PROMPT who won (Since tiebreakers aren’t coded).

What I was thinking of doing was making a dynamic property which prompts the player to insert: PLAYER1 or PLAYER2 or NONE as the value, if the points are equal, and no tie breakers are valid. This I can do, I just have no idea how to take this value and send it to the “WINTRACKERS” so that the right win tracker advances to the next layer WITHOUT forcing the players to push another button.

(Sidenote, everything is working except when tiebreakers would change the victor.)