Problem with Private Notes

I have created a notes window in the main module.

However, when I enter a private note as Player A, and then change sides to Player B, the private note written by Player A still displays for Player B.

I thought that private notes were only visible to the player that created them?

Did you change your player password when you switched sides?

No, I simply click the ‘Retire’ button and rejoin the game as the opoosite side.

Do you have to leave the game completely and then sign back in again?

From my programming in VASSAL this is how I think it works: Retire changes the side you are on. Private notes are by ‘player’ and you are identified as a player by your player password NOT by your side. Change sides AND your password.

Some expert correct me if I am in left field here.

OK but how do I change the password? As far as I am aware you set your passoword only at the start of a new game?

I have defined the sides as Blue and Red. At the start of a new game I am only offered to set up 1-player with a password, either Blue or Red?

You change your password in Preferences > Personal. The password identifies who you are. Switch to Observer, change your player password, then join the other side.