Problem with prototype


I’m using some prototypes to manage counters (I’m trying to do it).
With one prot. created, then I create a new counter and assign to it the prototype property with the name.
And when I test it with a game, all the options within the prototype doesn’t appear. The counter only have the one or two options created in the counter, not the prototype.

What I’m doing wrong??

I’m using 2.9 because 3.0.17 crashes a lot with the game pieces palettes (when you try to delete a tab, you get an exception always).



It’s a little hard to tell exactly what is happening from your description without reference to your actual module.

One thing to watch out for is that Prototypes are expanded when a piece is created, so any existing pieces in a predefined setup or saved game will not be affected to any changes you make to the prototype.

Also, if pull some counters from the palette, then change the prototype, then pull some more counters, you may not see any changes as the prototype seems to be cached for a given counter. Try pulling another counter, or saving and reloading the module.


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Everything seems going well right now.
I opened the module today and the prototype seems to work.