Problem with text label and reporting

I have a piece that’s supposed to display the number of damage points it’s received with a text label. The keyboard shortcut to set the damage label is Ctrl D.

A Report trait is supposed to report on the damage taken last turn whenever someone hits Ctrl D. ($playerSide$ takes damage to $oldPieceName$).

On the first damage, the report works fine: if you did 15 damage points, the report will say ‘Player takes damage to Piece’

But the second and subsequent turns, if you did 10 damage, the report would be ‘Player takes damage to 15.’ On the turn after that, it’d read ‘Player takes damage to 10.’

It’s as if the Ctrl D command is resetting the oldPieceName to equal the Damage label. But I don’t see a trait that resets the piece Name anywhere.

Any thoughts?