Problems all around.

Hi everybody, I’m having serious issues getting vassal to run on my pc. I installed the engine but when I try to start it up a window pops up and its totally blank except for the vassal icon in the top left. As a result I am completely unable to add/use extensions and configure the engine. I am able to run my preffered module by starting through a bat. file but I can’t use any extensions so essentially can’t play with everyone I would like to. This has been going on for months and I’ve tried to set it up repeated times and no luck. Can’t get vassal to work at all with java 6.12 I actually had to regress to 5.9 to even get it to run through a bat.file and I’m really bummed out. I’m using windows xp, java 5.9 and just can not get it to work, any ideas? :cry:

Yeah, just wiped and reinstalled java and the engine and can not get it to work :frowning:

Thus spake “Furious”:

Which version of VASSAL do you have installed?

Could you post a screenshot of the problem you’re seeing at start-up?

It should be possible to use Java 6 on your system. (I would guess that
almost all XP users are running Java 6 at this point.) Once we solve the
other problem, we’ll get Java 6 working for you.


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