problems figuring out my first module using cards

I am creating a deck of 2-sided “fast action cards”.

I am using the standard (?) method of creating VASSAL cards with a deck and cards with a Basic Piece trait for the flipped “front” and a Mask trait for the unflipped “back”.

The way this game plays the idea is to have the cards all start on the right half of the window with their “back” sides up, and the players flip them one by one as the game progresses to the left half of the window with their “front” side up. BUT THEN… you read the action like a book with the front of the flipped up card on the left and the back of the just-uncovered but yet-unflipped card on the right.

I am having several problems at the moment, since this is my first time messing around with cards.

First off, the deck displays a random card “back” which does not correspond to the card I am about to flip. Not the way the game is supposed to work. This will supposedly mess up the sequencing and cause statistical errors for reasons unclear to me but I accept that it is the case.

Second, the ‘stacking’ effect is causing the cards to offset between decks as you move cards over and there are enough that it makes the card sections fail to line up left-to-right correctly. There are going to be something like just under 200 “fast action cards” in the fast action deck.

Third, I need a global button to return all the flipped cards from the left side back to the right side and “re-shuffle them”. I think this may present an issue when combined with my first problem since it seems VASSAL is set up to work so that the order of the cards is not determined until you pull one out of the deck (so you never have to actually shuffle per se, just return them - that would be great if the top card of the new deck were in fact actually determined and its back were displayed per first problem above).

This I suppose would normally be done using a deck global button with a command key that tweaked a Send to Location trait on each card sending it to the undrawn side? Gosh, I just realized that would mean going back and editing all those cards to add the trait? Better add a prototype quick before I do too many more of them.

Any ideas for my problems mentioned above?

What do you have the ‘Re-Shuffle’ option for the Deck set to? The Deck displays the back of the Top card in the Deck, but if Re-Shuffle is set to ‘Always’, then cards are drawn at random. Given your other requirements, you should have the ‘Re-shuffle’ option set to ‘Via right-click menu’. This means the Deck order is fixed unless you manually reshuffle it.

Set the ‘Maximum Cards to display in Stack’ option to 1 and you will only ever see the one card.

Your global button will need to be a Multi-action button that fires off two other button:

a) A Global Key Command to return all of the cards to the Deck
b) An Action button that fires off the ‘Re-Shuffle’ Hot Key for the Deck.

As long you don’t have Re-shuffle set to Always, the Deck order should not change except when the Re-Shuffle option is performeed.


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Thanks yet again Brent.

I have decided to use two decks actually.

“FAC Unflipped” is the deck on the right that begins with all the cards, all always turned to their ‘masked’ back side image.
“FAC Flipped” is the deck on the left that begins empty, all always turned to their normal front side image.
As you pull cards off the unflipped deck and place them onto the flipped deck they flip over. All works, including all the stacking effects, just like I want.
The “FAC Unflipped” has a command to shuffle. The “FAC Flipped” has a command to return all the cards to the unflipped deck.

Now, I am having a lot of trouble tying these “send to deck” and “shuffle” commands into a multi-action button. Seems like it should be easier than I am making it.

The multi-action button requires creating two buttons, one for each individual command, then adding their names to the multi-action, third, button which then makes the other two disappear. Fine. But how do I get the two lower-level ‘hidden’ buttons to access the deck commands? It seems like I can access a global key command that applies to pieces or to cards within a deck but not to the deck itself.

Can somebody give me a pointer for this? What kind of button or command to use for it and how to configure it to call the deck command?

Thanks again.

ugh, nevermind…

fyi there are still some weird things (especially noted re message format reports) with saving changes in the module editor and then testing them in the module editor’s play window. if you actually exit the editor and restart either as a regular player or sometimes simply just re-opening the module for editing, it straightens things out.