problems refreshing counters

How did this happen?

I edited my vassal module in my laptop. I was using a weird vassal version, 3.1.1-196-gd11f845db6f9 (for 3.3.1 VASL compatibility).

Then at home I went to my PC where I only have 3.3.1 installed. “No problem” I thought. “I’ll just edit buildfile and moduledata files and replace 3.3.1-yaddayadd with 3.3.1”.

Done. But after some more module editing, now I get that error message whenever I try to refresh counters, even if I go back to my laptop.

Not a big deal, I have backup copies and can easily redo all recent modifications to my module. But I think this issue came up recently, so in case it’s worth exploring here’s one way to get this error message.

This is likely due to some version number parsing changes we made. If it happens again with 3.3.2 or later, please let us know.

it is not happening with 3.3.2 so far. Thanks!