Problems uploading modules to the server

I’ve produced modules for 1914 twilight in the east and when I try to upload them to the server here all I get after the files have been sent is a blank page “community/index.php” and the file does not appear in the entry I created for the game.

The two modules are 20Mbytes and 102Mbytes in size.

Any ideas about what I’m doing wrong?

Your modules are to large to upload on the Vassal website.
It has a upload size cap of approx 15mb. you will have to store and make the modules available elsewhere

You can perhaps get the publisher to host the files for you if you have no other place to put them - Publishers always like things that direct traffic to their websites :slight_smile:

george973 wrote:

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Thanks! Perhaps a note of the cap on the upload page would save some grief. I’ll try and get it onto the publisher’s page.

Thus spake “george973”:

They’re too big. The upload limit is somewhere around 14MB, I think,
which is far too small for the modules people are producing these

We developers need to have a chat about this once we’ve cleared the
3.1.0 release off our plates. Until, then, there are a lot of free
file hosting services out there (e.g., and you could
provide a link there from the module page.


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