Problems with Arkam Horror base_decks_safe.vmdx

when i try to launch the module AH_base_decks_safe.vmdx the game starts but i don’t see any cards in the decks’ spaces!

Someboy can help me???

Thank you!

I also need help with this. How do I load the decks into the Arkham Horror game? Everything else is there but I can’t figure out how to get AH_base_decks_safe.vmdx into the module…

I’ve got the same problem. Have you had any luck since? It’s the only thing stopping me playing the game!!!

I figured it out. I’m not at my laptop right now so it’ll be hard to explain but basically you “update” (or some close terminology ) and that should open up a files menu to select your .vmdx file. Then it will upload them into the game.