Problems with card decks


I have been creating two modules lately and I find the same thing happening : I have, say, a 13-cards deck and I can only draw the 3, or 7, or 8 first cards, then the deck runs out. I cannot even find why this number of cards can be drawn.

Also, I have created two card decks in one module, and only one is there at start. In order to see the other I have to shuffle it.

Any idea, please ? Thanks!

My quick guess is that not all of your cards have images for their backs.

Sorry for the delay.

You might be right but I do not see how to fix it. I edited all cards again and again, and also the whole deck, and still I do not get to see them at start nor to draw them all.

Each card needs the Mask trait. Edit the Mask trait and make sure you provided an image for “View when masked.” This will be the image you use for the back of the card. To avoid problems like this, it is best if you create a Prototype that includes the Mask trait and you add the prototype to every card.

Oh, so this is what the Prototypes are for. I will try this, thanks.