Problems with Rezipping Module Contents

Hi folks,

I am trying to replace a lot of counter graphics in an existing module to make them easier to read. I have copied the existing counter graphics from the module, updated them in Lightroom and resaved them with the same file name.
I unzipped the module and copied the new files into the images folder. I rezip the folder using the Windows Explorer Send To Compressed (zipped) Folder function and then rename the extension to .VMOD.

When I try to load the module into VASSAL I get an error ‘The file xxxx.vmod is not a valid VASSAL module.’

Is there a step I am missing? Should I be using a different tool for zipping the contents?

Any help would be much appreciated.


To be clear, when you zip things back up, you’re getting everything? Not just the images folder, but the buildfile, moduledata, any scenario saved games, documentation, etc?

Yes, Everything that was originally in the old vmod file with the new graphic files replacing the old.

This is probably b/c you are zipping the files at the wrong level. You don’t want to zip the entire folder that you got when you unzipped the mod–just the contents of that folder.

The Designers’ Guide has a detailed explanation of how to do this correctly. See p 103, Deleting Unnecessary Files from a Module. However, in your case, you would use this same procedure to replace instead of delete.

Outstanding! Thank you sir!