Problems with Trigger Actions

I want to add a right-click menu option to send a card to a deck that will do a trigger action to increase a value for a player by an amount set by a marker value on that particular card. I’m having difficulty trying to figure it out. I know I need to make a Global Property called “Recruit”.

Then I need to add a Global Prototype called “SendToP1Play” and it should do the following:
Trigger Action
Trigger Action: Send to Player 1 Play Deck - CTRL S
Watch for these keystrokes: CTRL
Perform these keystrokes: ALT CTRL SHIFT I

Set Global Property
Menu Command: Blank Key Command: ALT CTRL SHIFT I
Type: Increment Numeric Value Increment By: ??

This is my first problem. What would I put in here to increase it by the Marker value of “Recruit” from the currently selected card, since this Prototype will be applied to all the cards and they have varying Maker Values for “Recruit”.

Also, what would I put in Triggers when property match, to have it check the current map of the selected card and make sure it matches “Player1Hand”? I tried “CurrentMap=Player1Hand” but it did not like that.

Looks of looks, but no ideas, huh?

If I understand it right, for the “Increment Numeric Value, Increment By: ??” you just need to use the name of the marker property: it’s not available through the “insert” button in the editor, but you can type it in the field (with $…$ or {…})

As for the trigger condition, it should work with “CurrentMap=…” (at least, it works in a module of mine. Just a thought: check you use the map name, not the board name).
Depending on your game rules, you might also test “PlayerSide=Player1” (or similar) instead.