Problems with TTA 2.46 on Mac

Hi all,

i am absolutely new to Vassal and I’d love to play TTA with my friends, and possilble new friends?
I managed to start a game and slowly understood how the interface works. However, every time I try to play a leader card (by ‘put into play’) the card just disappears and nothing else happens, i.e. the leader is not visible at my civilization and the ‘current-leader display’.

I have Vassal 3.1.10 installed on a Mac, TTA Version 2.46

Any ideas or advises?

Thx for any help


P.S.: Hope I am at the right forum?

To whom it may concern:

On Sep 16, 2009, at 12:30 PM, JokerOne wrote:

From other reports on BGG, this seems to be an issue that came up
using Vassal v3.1.10 and downgrading to 3.1.9 solves the problem. It
also doesn’t appear to be Mac specific either. [There is a Mac issue
with slow map drawing in 3.1.9, but that has been solved in newer
versions, I believe.]

Now, I don’t know if that means a bug in 3.1.10 or if something got
fixed and thus revealed a previously hidden problem in the module.

Here is the original report from BGG:

I think so.
In any case the right people should see this.

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The ‘right people’ are the two module designers nominated on the module web page. There is no guarantee that they read this forum. I suggest you contact them directly via the module web page.


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