Properties trait is there a way to move the line entries to global variables

I don’t see anything about it in help.

Can you be more specific? Give an example of what you’re trying to do?

A car piece you right click an under properties is start speed acceleration deceleration top speed and tire wear lines.
I’d like to take those values and move them to global variables that I can then display for players to easily see.

You would need to use a Trigger Action traits to activate Set Global Property traits to set the counter level property values into Global properties.

My problem is I do not know what to use for the Properties, it does not seem to be listed unlike Layers where I can name the layer and reference it as Layername_XYZ

So I need to be able to access each like in the properties and place them into a global variable I know the process I just don’t know how to reference the elements in properties themselves.

Just how it says in the documentation:

These properties are exposed by name as properties of the piece, and may be accessed by name from other traits.

So based on your image, you’d have the following properties on that piece:
$Start Speed$ (will return 40)
$Acceleration$ (will return 20)
$Deceleration$ (will return 20)
…and so on.

Thanks turns out it was working for me but the GKC had suppress individual reports so I could never see it report until I unchecked it! Doah!

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