Property manipulation

Two things here…

  1. My F&E module keeps track of a fair number of statistics. Among others, I have a property sheet that can keep track of fighter factors, which can be killed in combat. They also get replaced for free on a regular basis. So, I’d like to be able use some sort of command inside the unit to tell it to reset the ‘Fighter’ property to full (or just a set number that happens to be the ‘full’ value). But, I don’t seem to be able to get a command to set the value in the property sheet.

  2. Along with all the other stat tracking, the stack viewer also gives the current totals of a stack. However, there are also ‘Fleet’ markers that represent a bunch of ships in an off-map holding box (to simplify stacking). It seems to me that I could have the fleet marker get its stats changed by those of the ships as they move into and out of the holding box (it’s its own little mini-map, so sensing that should work), that way the marker’s stats will be the total of the ships in it. But that seems complicated (:slight_smile: ), so I thought I’d get advice on it before spending an afternoon tearing my hair out.

I haven’t done any work with property sheets, but presuming that a property
sheet variable can be linked/share same name as another defined property

For item 1 use a dynamic property

For item 2 have the fleet markers read a value of a GP which is adjusted
up/down as you move your ships in/out of the area

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It seems like they can, as I can look up property sheet values globally, and I can overwrite it (from the global view) with a Dynamic property that lives lower in the traits than the Property sheet. However, I can’t get a Dynamic Property to affect the Property sheet value. I tried giving it a key command to set the value back to the ‘full’ value, but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.