Property or Command to draw from only one deck?

So I’m working on re-creating a family card game, and have gotten as far as I can without assistance.

I have multiple decks on the public map: a main “draw deck” and a 5 secondary “play decks” for playing cards from. I want a single command to add 2 cards from the draw deck into EACH of the play decks.

What I have been relying on up to this point (to gather all cards and then draw 10 cards into each of the private hands) was a MultiActionButton linked to multiple GlobalKeyCommands; the GKC’s were set to apply a movement to a set number of pieces within draw deck, and it worked because the draw deck had been the only deck on that map. However, as soon as I added my play decks on the public map, that method no longer worked because as soon as one of those decks had cards in it, those cards were subject to the next GKC triggered and the cards were moved out of it.
(I’ve used map GKCs up to this point because I couldn’t figure out how to get things outside the map to affect the things inside it, and because I wanted to move large amounts of cards around. I’m still not sure if it was necessarily the best way though.)

So my thought would be to limit the GKC to have “matching properties” requirements that keep it only applying to the draw deck, but I have no idea what are the necessary properties and the proper syntax.

Any ideas, either in that line of thinking or some other method?

Thanks so much!!

Hi, the matching property you’re looking for is: DeckName=NAMEOFDRAWDECK

Actually it would be


So, if you wanted to draw cards from a specific deck, your overall property filter would be

CurrentMap = $NameOfMapWithDeck$ && DeckName = $NameOfDrawDeck$

Awesome, that did the trick!! I never would have been able to figure that out, thank you so much! :smiley:

For future reference, so I can avoid using other people’s time, is there a document or pre-existing list that includes all the properties and how they appear?

There’s the Vassal Module Designer’s Guide in PDF here: … rguide.pdf

…and here’s a page that lists internal properties for game pieces that can be used in Matching Property filters:

I remember seeing a full list somewhere but I can’t find it right now. Someone else here probably knows where it is.